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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rhyme in Time 2010

I recently completed an extra credit project on CleanPlace, a writer's forum I'm a member of (cleanplace.net)! Rhyme in Time was a poetry project in which the mentors gave prompts every week to use in the poems, and we wrote six poems in six weeks.

My college classes were a bit hectic and made it challenging to finish, but I really enjoyed doing it. (And it often served as a mental break for me from chemistry...) :)

Here are two of my poems that I didn't think were quite as good as some of the others (but since I am thinking of perhaps submitting some of the others for publication, I don't want to publish those publicly on the internet. :P)
The Ballroom

You wear the echoing footfalls
of the flowing years
etched on your glazed wooden floor.
Your festooned walls,
cloaked in ivory tapestries,
emit blurred reflections
of the violin’s vibrato
and frosted scenes mirrored,
as if frozen, on your frescos.

Coffee Date

Steamy, gyrating aromas
and the grinder’s grating
brim over the edges
of the flushed chestnut room.

the green and white paper cup,
raising it to his lips
with a bent pinkie.

encircles her slender fingertips
around the china cup—
amber ringlets trembling
about her half-smile.

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